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Our bridging finance products

Sometimes, a short-term shortfall in cash flow can interrupt acquisitions, putting an end to an opportunity before it even begins.

It’s a simple enough problem, with few manageable solutions. The added time, complexity and hassle of mainstream finance can stop a project or purchase abruptly. There are even scenarios where mainstream finance just isn’t an option.

This is where bridging loans come into their own. They offer a viable, fast path to raising the funds you need to buy a new property.

short term bridging loan
what is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term loan designed to cover the purchase of your next investment.

It lets you move on a purchase without immediate access to the full funds. A common scenario is when you’re buying a new property but your current property hasn’t yet sold. With your combined assets, you can afford to buy the new property – but the inability to release the equity in order to do so is frustrating. Buying property is often time-sensitive, and a bridging loan gives you that time back. No more pressure or stress, and no more agonising waiting.

When making a property purchase at auction, the deposit will be due as soon as your winning bid is accepted. Without immediate access to the necessary funds, you could have to forego an incredible opportunity.

unsuprisingly my bank wanted me to jump through 200 hoops and provide my inside leg measurement. fortunately, the team at Glenhawk helped me bridge a small cash flow pinch in 2 days. thanks all

JW, Chelsea

Bridging loans from Glenhawk help keep the dream alive, by filling in the gap in a short-term shortfall.

Once a loan is applied for and agreed upon, we’ll release funds quickly – allowing you to make the acquisition in good time, with confidence in your finances.

Bridging loans with Glenhawk are fast, manageable and reliable. We treat every project, development and investment purchase as if it were our own.

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