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Auction Purchase Bridge Loan Rates

Interest Rate from 0.69% Per Month
Max Loan £5,000,000
Minimum Loan £300,000
Max Loan to Value 75%
Term 3 to 18 Months
Arrangement fee 0.75% – 2%
Early redemption fee Never
Admin fee No

Make the winning bid  – and get the finance you need.

Auctions can be a thrilling experience for budding investors and bargain hunters, because buying a property at auction is such a fantastic way to pick up a good deal. Without immediate access to the necessary funds, you could be forced to pass up on the property.

Making the winning bid then finding that you can’t follow up isn’t just embarrassing – it’s a breach of a legally binding contract that could cost you more than just the chance of owning new property: Your deposit will be lost too. With a bridging loan, you can bid with confidence and take your property dreams that step further.

Auction Finance
property auction bridging loan

Auction Finance

Bridging loans for auction purchases let you bid with confidence. Knowing that you have access to the funds as you make the winning bid is liberating – and a bridging loan gives you the freedom to make your move. Bridging loans can be arranged quickly, filling in the gap between the auction purchase and incoming finances.

Glenhawk offers bridging loans for auction purchase at anywhere between £500,000 and £5,000,000 – so whether you’ve picked up a property with potential or a readymade dream come true, we can help you secure the funds to build your future.

How do bridging loans for auction purchases work? They’re simple, short-term loans that cover an auction purchase or the deposit due after making a winning bid. It means that you can walk away from the auction room with a new property, either paid for in full or with the deposit covered, while you wait for your main funding to come in.

If you’re selling a property to fund the purchase, it can be a time-consuming process. After winning at auction you’ll typically have just 28 days to pay in full, before losing rights to the property (and your deposit). If you’re funding your auction purchase with the sale of another property, a bridging loan can cover that gap – meaning you can make the purchase without having completed the sale of your property.

Auction Property Finance

If you’re waiting on a mortgage, but the date of the auction is coming up fast, a bridging loan can tide you over while the mortgage is finalised – giving you up to 12 months to get your funding in rather than one.

Interest rates on our bridging loans for auction purchases start at just 0.8% per month and can be taken out over a period of up to 12 months, with agreeable repayments. They’re a real alternative to mainstream property finance, giving you the freedom to win at auction with confidence.

Are you ready to go to auction? Then let’s talk – just give our friendly, knowledgeable team a call today, or get a quote online right now. We’ll work together, and help you to secure the finances you need to make the winning bid.

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