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Glenhawk was formed to speed-up, simplify and bring transparency to short-term property finance. 

Using our own capital, we can help you expand your portfolio, acquire additional assets, undertake your next development opportunity or finance an auction purchase. 

With loans from £300,000 to £5,000,000 and no lengthy credit approval process you can be certain that our experienced team will handle your loan diligently. 

Success for you is success for us. We take great pride in what we do and love to see a project come together – it’s what makes us tick.

We don’t charge unnecessary fees and customer experience is paramount for us.

“By continually questioning processes we can push to create positive change not only in Glenhawk, but industry wide. we operate with the mind of an INSTITUTION and the heart of a start up

Guy – Founder

And this is just the start .. 

We are looking at every aspect of short-term property financing and questioning, Why?

Why eight pages of application forms when it can be done in one?

Why are administration fees charged when deals can be done on mutual trust?

Why can’t lenders be more flexible and work with the borrower? 

By practicing continual improvement we will achieve excellence for our clients.

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